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Diana Kierein, LICSW

Strength-Based Counseling





"I emphasize that all feelings matter and are welcome, all behaviors are choices, and perspectives are fueled by insight."

My name is Diana Kierein, LICSW. I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker providing strength-based therapy services in Watertown, MA for families (traditional and non-traditional) experiencing divorce or conflict.


I offer the following counseling services:

  • Individual therapy 

  • Couples therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Parent training

  • Divorce coaching

  • Help with cooperative parenting for separated parents​

  • IFS methodology

  • Court-ordered reunification services

The term "strength-based counseling" refers to a set of important fundamental values on which I base my practice:

  • I work to help individuals and families by focusing on strengths.

  • I work to empower and inspire individuals and family members through life's challenges.

  • I work to facilitate the navigation of unclear paths, and encourage people to create the lives they wish to live.

Whether you are thinking about or going through a divorce, or wishing to save your marriage, I can help you understand emotions, explore options, clarify your children's experience and facilitate your thinking and decision-making. I facilitate the creation of effective parental partnerships in or out of marriages.


Do arguments over recurring topics disrupt your family life? Is your toddler having inexplicable emotional outbursts? Is it difficult to communicate with your pre-teenager? Is your blended family having unforeseen problems? If so, I can help you understand and effectively re-engage.

Divorce or family separation is difficult for all family members, but the difficulties can be worked with, worked through, and overcome. New, rich, beneficial family relationships can emerge. I can help you to contribute to your best re-oriented family.

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