Fee Agreement

Payment for services (or portions of costs not paid by your insurance) are due upon the day of service, unless an alternative agreement is reached between client(s) and therapist.  Payments will be charged to the client's credit card, weekly or monthly (payments for in-person sessions may instead be made via check or cash, if clients prefer).  During the first session, the client(s) will let the therapist know their preferred method of payment.  If clients have entered multiple credit card numbers in the client portal, clients will tell the therapist which credit card should be considered the primary card to be charged.


  • Couple/family counseling or parent w/child (50 minutes): $180 per 50 minute session

  • Individual counseling or parent coaching session (50 minutes): $150 per 50 minute session

  • Additional minutes of counseling requested by the client beyond the insurance-allowed or scheduled session time: $3 per minute supplemental charge

  • Emails, calls or texts regarding scheduling: no charge

  • Emails or texts regarding therapeutic advice or review: $3 per minute


Insurance:  For therapy sessions only, I accept BCBS.  Depending on the plan, there may be an associated copayment due at the time of each session, or a coinsurance fee paid via post-session billing.  For double sessions on the same day, clients pay the full BCBS rate for the second session.  If legal information is provided, a supplemental fee may be added.


Out of Network Reimbursement:  I am adequately licensed for clients to be reimbursed if their mental health insurance, other than BCBS, reimburses them for out-of-network “mental health outpatient services.”  Payment is due at the time of the session.  Clients will be provided a statement of services marked “paid” to submit for reimbursement of some/all of the cost of your sessions once services are paid.


Court (if applicable):  If I am subpoenaed by the Court to appear in your family’s case matter, you agree to pay the charge of $200/hour for my preparation time, travel to and from time, and time waiting and/or testifying in court.