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Practice Policies and Client Rights


Contact with Your Therapist:

If you need to reach me between sessions, you can text me, call me, or leave a voicemail at 781-405-5200. If I plan to be out of the office for an extended period of time, you will be advised in advance and an alternative plan for treatment in the interim will be discussed. If we should accidentally meet outside our sessions, in deference to your privacy, I will not acknowledge that I know you unless you solicit me. If I am asked in the presence of others how I know you, I will refer to you as an "old friend."

Appointments and Cancellations:

Please remember to cancel or reschedule with as much notice as possible, AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. I often have a list of clients waiting for openings in my schedule, and I need time to schedule them in your cancelled slot. As stated in the Fee Agreement, if NOT RECEIVED AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE, cancellations will be subject to a full-rate session charge (not reimbursed by insurance).


General Information:

  • The therapeutic relationship is unique in that it is highly personal and also a contractual agreement.

  • You have the right to considerate, respectful and safe care without race, ethnicity, color, gender, sexual orientation, age religion or national origin discrimination.

  • You have the right to ask questions of your therapist regarding your therapy, your therapist’s training or experience.

  • You have the right to refuse treatment suggestions made by the therapist.

  • I promise to support you and do my best to understand you and repeating patterns, as well as help you clarify what it is that you want for yourself.

  • The outcome of your treatment depends largely on your engagement in this process.

  • While it is not my role to solve clients’ problems, it is my role to facilitate effective communication that can lead to a better perspective and/or resolution for the client.

  • I emphasize that all feelings matter and are welcome, all behaviors are choices, and that perspectives are fueled by insight.



  • You have the right to request a referral to another therapist and/or to end your therapy at any time.

  • I may terminate treatment if I determine that the therapy is not being effectively used or if you are in default on payment.

  • I will not terminate the therapeutic relationship without first discussing and exploring a termination process and the reasons for terminating.

  • Should you fail to meet appointments for three consecutive weeks, unless other arrangements have been made in advance, I must consider the professional relationship to be discontinued.



Protected by law and by professional ethics, with the exception of the specific situations described below, you are assured and have the right to full confidentiality by me.  I will not tell anyone outside of the practice what you have discussed or that you are a client without your written or verbal consent.


Professional EXCEPTIONS to Confidentiality:

  • You may request that information be shared with whomever you choose.

  • I cannot ensure the confidentiality of any form of communication through electronic media, including text messages.

  • I may occasionally consult about our work together with colleagues who are equally bound by the rules of confidentiality, in order to gain insight and enhance therapeutic services, but no identifying information will be shared.

  • You have the right and will be notified following a breach of unsecured protected health information.

  • If you are a minor, your parents may be legally entitled to some information about your therapy.  I will discuss with you and your parents what information is appropriate for them to receive and which issues are more appropriately kept confidential.


Legal EXCEPTIONS to Confidentiality (you will be informed, whenever possible, if I am taking action due to the following conditions):

  • If there is reason to believe that you are a danger to yourself or others.

  • If there is good reason to suspect, or evidence of, abuse and/or neglect affecting children, elderly or disabled persons.

  • In response to a court order or subpoena or court-appointed special guardian ad litem or where otherwise required by law.

  • If you are in therapy or being treated per order of a court of law, or if information is obtained for the purpose of rendering an expert’s report to an attorney.

  • If you were to introduce your mental health as an issue in a court case or bring an action against me.

  • To the extent necessary for emergency medical/psychiatric care to be rendered.

  • To provide information regarding diagnosis, prognosis, and/or course of treatment to your insurance company, should you choose to use insurance.


If you have any questions about any policies or your client rights, please feel free to discuss them with me directly.  Your agreement indicates that you have reviewed this information, you understand your rights, and that you knowingly and voluntarily consent to participate in treatment.

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